Who is this Horse?

1st Clue: Won the  2,000 Guineas and the Epsom Derby.

                                                       Blast From the Past

Who is this Horse?-Completed (Damascus)

1st Clue: He was the Horse of the Year in 1967(this is a dead give away)
2nd Clue: Came 3rd in the 1967 Kentucky Derby, 1st in the Preakness and 1st in the Belmont.
Congratulations to Ally Schulken for guessing Damascus!

Who is this horse-Completed(Kelso)

~CONGRATULATIONS~ Gerard Jones has gotten this horse correct! This big beauty is Kelso! Great guess Gerard!
1st Clue:  He is a descendant of the great Man O' War on his dam's side.

2nd Clue: Trained by Carl Hanford.

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