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Hey all, and welcome to Victoria and Emily's Sport of King's website dedicated the latest and greatest of horse racing. You can find many interesting features here and everything you will need to know about horse racing. 
We have "Tally Says" where Victoria's Thoroughbred mare brings you all the latest gossip going on throughout the tracks all over America. Blast from the Past(BFTP) is an exciting feature where we will list a race horse from long ago and you will have to guess who it is, and for that week we will be posting interesting facts and stats about the horse! Behind the Bloggers(BTB) is a fun way to get in touch with either Emily or Victoria and get to know more about their lives and where they come from and their personal interests. There is also a page dedicated to one horse week, Horse of the Week(HOTW) where Emily and Victoria will write an article on a horse that has made a huge stride to victory.  Suggestions are welcome as well so feel free to email them(and if your suggestion does get accepted we will place your name underneath the article) And of course, because of the timing, there will be a feature dedicated to everything Derby.

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                                                            Here's a great video for you all to enjoy! One that any race fan is sure to love!

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