CANTER (Communication Alliance Network to Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses)

Here at Victoria and Emily's Sport of Kings, we are hoping to tell you everything about the world of horse racing.  Unfortunately, horse racing isn't just the jewels like the Triple Crown or the Breeders' Cup, but also the world of claimers and slaughter.  CANTER is one charity that takes OTTB's (Off track Thoroughbreds) and gives them an opportunity at a new career and home.  CANTER is a non profit organization run by volunteers.  

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ReRun, Inc.

ReRun, Inc. is an organization that adopts ex-racehorses, and rehabilitates them to suit them to a new career.  ReRun is a New Jersey based organization, but has quarters all over New England.  It is a non-profit organization.  After they deem the horses suitable for life outside of racing, they put them up for adoption to suitable owners.  Its goal is quality, they take the best care of their horses as possible, and look for compatibility when there are possible adopters.   

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Camelot Horse Auction-Picture Coming Soon

The Camelot horse auction is located in Southern New Jersey and is a non-profit organization put in place to help horses that are no longer wanted are taken here and run through every Wednesday night.  Horses left in the pen have until noon Saturday to be bailed and rehomed.  If they are not sold while run through the ring then they go to "Pen 10" aka the "Kill Pen". Horses in this pen are in danger of heading to the slaughter house. The runner of Camelot, Frank, does a fabulous job with allowing admins to take pictures and post them online and They are typically 30-40 horses each week that are not sold Wednesday night and awaiting their forever home.  Bail is cheap, and provides coggins etc. These horses DO need quarantined after they come out just to ensure that there were no diseases spread. The admins do a wonderful job with giving picture and the best description possible. Be sure to check them out and feel free to donate to a horse you like, but can't take home. Even if it's just $10, it will make all the difference to that horse and it's life. Trust me, the horses that come out of here are wonderful animals, they just need time and for someone to understand them!

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