Tally Says-

Welcome to Tally Says everyone. This is Talladega Sprint(AKA Tally) coming to you at home and bringing you everything juicy to hit the race tracks. Many of you must be wondering who the heck I am? Well I am a 13 year old mare that ran 12 times, 6 times at Aqueduct, and the other 6 at Belmont. I won 5 of my races with 1 place and 3 shows, making a whopping $138,915. I am the proud mother of 2 beautiful colts, born in 2001 and 2003, and one gorgeous filly,born in 2005.  

We aren't too sure how my life went in between then but now I'm happy, I'm home, and I've got a kid. I just arrived with her on the 23rd of April and the next day she did a load of ground work with me(I'm too fat to fit into my belt so she has to buy me a new one to ride) and she noticed I learn VERY quickly. So here I am now, presenting you with all the latest and greatest moments in the sport we all love most...Horse.Racing.

A Derby to Remember

As we quickly approach the big Derby Day, many of us are left remembering one of the greatest fillies to have graced our tracks.  Eight Belles was a compelling and thrilling filly who many of us turned to just after breaking her Maiden.  

She was born on February 23rd, 2005 by  Robert N. Clay & Serengeti Stable located in Kentucky.. As a yearling she went on to be sold at Keenland, September 06', for a whopping 375k where her whole life changed, for the better and worse...

She was debuted on the track as a 3 year old making a killer Campaign, especially when she was one of the top contenders and favorites for the 2008 Kentucky Derby. She came to the Derby full and ready to go. She was working well in her exercises and was really proving herself to be something special. Handicappers were listing her as one of the favorites for the Derby. Also being the only filly in the field she really dragged in the viewers as she was the first filly placed in the Derby since 1999. 

The chilling day came and the anticipation for a knock out win was greatly expected for the little grey girl. Holding her field well she was quickly passes by Big Brown who took the win out from under her, Belles however, came in a quick second.  As Eight Belles was pulled up by her jockey Gabriel Saez, both her front ankles cracked from underneath her. Many track officials say that there has never been a fatality during/right after the Derby has ended. 

Many mourned the death of the bold filly as others celebrated a great win by Big Brown and looked ahead to the next jewels of the Triple Crown.  As well there was a huge uproar from many animal activist groups including PETA2 as to why the filly broke down, and if it was a "cruelty" case. Their hopes were that Saez would be suspended and the $400,000 grand prize for second place would be revoked. 

Although many thought it best in her interest to be fought over, and the fact that her jockey did nothing helpful to prevent the tragic fall, but what they fail to realize is that Eight Belles has shed a whole new light to this great sport we all admire. A light that has shown the flaws and issues, and now tracks are being made with Belles in mind, and are becoming safer with each and every improvement. 

We all thank Eight Belles for giving us her best 3 years of her life, and cherish every moment we got to spend watching her graze the fields with grace and dignity. But the irony of it all, is that she is now Unbridled and living her life through song and dance. R.I.P. to the beauty we once had, and R.I.P to a filly who touched the nation's heart.

A Day We All Mourn of a "Special Horse"
Okay, well hey everyone, it’s Tally here. So before I get started today, I would just like to say that the scary vet came today and stuck a long needle in my neck to draw some blood for my “coggins.” It was not pleasant and I did not want to stand for it, but my kid (Victoria) yelled at me and told me to “knock it off and if I wasn’t a good girl for the blood pull I wasn’t able to go home with her”. So I decided that it would be in my favor to stop my antics and stand like a good girl ;)  I also got my spring shots today (as if pulling blood isn’t enough for one day) but my kid wants me to be safe and healthy.

Speaking of safety and health, a fellow race horse had a terrible fall today, a life changing fall, a life ENDING fall. The 2008 colt out of Congaree took a terrible tumble in his last and final race. It was a disappointing out come, but now we may all have peace of mind that he too is now in peace.  Tokubetsu had taken a “wrong” step after hitting the head of the field in the 5 ½ maiden race, as the favorite for the race everyone was hopeful that he would accomplish breaking his maiden and be able to move on to bigger and better races. But as they say, all great things do come to an end, and sadly this end was of a life. Trainer Bob Baffert had high hopes for the 4 year old, and with 3 second places under his belt, (the first at Hollywood Park, and the last two at Santa Anita) he was sure to become something special on the West Coast.

After un-loading, jockey Martin Garcia and Tokubetsu had not gotten up. Which gave all of us watching a gut twisting feeling. Not much more has been released since his tragic death, but it’s something that shall not go ignored. This is a sad day for race lovers all over the country, we are down one great athlete, we have lost a beloved horse, and a wish worth living for PeachTree Stables. I, and many others, wish for the 4 year old colt to rest in peace and to know that he has not left us forgotten, but cherished and remembered for a life time.